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Video: “Communications Technology and Revolution: from Spartacus to the Arab Spring”

I recently gave a talk at the World Social Forum in Tunis on March 28, 2015. The panel was “the Internet and Social Movements”, and my topic was ‘Communications Technology and Revolution: from Spartacus to the Arab Spring.’

Click here to view a video of my talk.

Warning! Capitalist Sharks

Trying to reform Capitalism is a futile as preaching Vegetarianism to a Shark. It is also dangerous, as the two liberal protesters in the shark’s maw on the cover of this book are about to discover.

The sorry History of five hundred years of capitalist ‘Progress’ points to the Conclusion that, by its very Nature, Capitalism cannot expand without devouring Workers’ Lives and chewing up the Natural World — no more than a Shark can survive without gorging on fresh Blood and Flesh. Continue reading


Ecotopia: A Bet You Can’t Refuse

One Chance in a hundred?

Let’s be optimistic! Let’s bet there’s one chance in a hundred that the Earth will still be habitable at the end of the 21st Century! Think I’m exaggerating? Try answering the following questions honestly: Do you personally think that weapons of mass destruction are likely to stop proliferating? Do you truly believe that pollution is going to stop getting worse? Can you actually imagine that forests will stop disappearing? That the climate will stop heating up? Continue reading

How to Get There from Here: A Modern Archimedes Hypothesis

Supposing then that we do bet on Ecotopia, our next problem is imagining how we can possibly get from here to there without supernatural or extraterrestrial help. In other words, what are the human (social), material (technological) and ideological (spiritual) elements – actual or latent in globalized capitalist society – that can combine to enable the emergence of the planetary movements capable of stripping the Billionaires of their power and creating sustainable post-capitalist societies? Continue reading

Revolutionary Organization: Horizontal or Vertical?

If we are really to take seriously the hope that 2011 has opened a new revolutionary era, expressed above in ‘Radical Emergence Year One,’ it behooves us to return to the question of ‘what happens after our revolution succeeds?’ This means investigating the underlying causes that make liberating mass revolutions degenerate and eventually turn into their own opposites. It means thinking of ways to avoid such perils. Continue reading

The Invisible International

We are everywhere. We clasp hands across the globe, offering solidarity and support to our sisters and brothers in the struggle, and gaining strength from them in turn. We are the “invisible international.” Continue reading